Elsie Hillman Civic Forum

Ambassadors for Civic Engagement - Now Accepting Applications

The Elsie ACE program provides an opportunity for students to apply their classroom education in the community through a robust long-term experiential internship that will address a critical community and policy issue with a focus on affecting positive community outcomes. Through the course of this program, students will increase their understanding of social issues, strengthen their social responsibility, heighten their understanding of human diversity and learn from students representing myriad disciplines all while responding to the challenges of our communities. The first cohort of “The Ambassadors for Civic Engagement Program” (Elsie ACEs) will launch in summer 2017, selected candidates will be embedded with Adagio Health, an organization that specializes in women’s healthcare delivery and service. Students will be work on programs/projects that advocate for patient rights and promote long-term systemic change. Additionally, Elsie ACEs will help develop and execute strategies that will strengthen regional partnerships for the development of a robust referral network that will help women and their families in Western Pennsylvania lead healthier lives. Furthermore, three times each month, the Elsie ACEs will attend a cohort development session intended to compliment internship activities. The weekly sessions will focus on leadership development, project management exercises, and guided discussion and special presentations on related topics. Apply through PittSource: http://www.pittsource.com/postings/136402